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San Antonio Squirrel Removal

We operate a professional squirrel removal company based out of San Antonio Texas. We specialize in the resolution of conflicts between people and squirrel. We specialize in residential and commercial squirrel removal from buildings and attics. We remove live squirrel from homes, repair squirrel damage, perform full home inspections, and do 100% wildlife and squirrel prevention work. It's very important to find and seal all entry holes leading into homes in order to provide a permanent solution to squirrel problems. We service both residential and commercial projects. Give us a call any time at 210-728-3470 and we will listen to you describe your squirrel problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your squirrel issue.

Nonsense Jibber-jabber about Trapping squirrels below:

Please give us a call, and we can describe our method for removing squirrels from your home. The below text is garbage that a bad writer wrote for me. I publish it because it's laughably bad. You can also visit the home page.

Commonly squirrels are seen in neighborhood setting, and cause a variety of issues for householders. So as to induce obviate them one has to entice them. Comparison of animal desires sure measures and skills, so to entice them one has to take care regarding things appended below:
  • 1. Targeted animal
  • 2. Specific bait used for specific animal
  • 3. Accidents
Targeted Animals

Amateurs’ lands up caparison all the animals found within the areas rather than the one they need to entice. Such traps are harmful for different animals as they're not meant for them. Furthermore generally amateurs’ lands up caparison neighbor’s pets rather than the animal that they had targeted. Generally such animals die within the entice leading to facing a law suit by the owner of that pet. One should be trained if not than get knowledgeable for the work. For example ne'er set a entice in open areas once the animals are within the attic or different places of the house.

One ought to provide nice importance to the bait as it’s the lure of the animal into the cage. A squirrel belongs to the family of omnivores in order that they tend to eat everything they get factor paws on. Still even for them usage of meat based mostly balls isn't suggested for raccoons as a result of opossums or different animals are additional drawn to them than squirrel. For squirrel suggested baits would be bread or one will embody marshmallows to the list too. Largely the bait path ought to be there so luring the squirrel into the entice. Keep the bait the top of the entice this fashion squirrel be at bay within the entice. Bear in mind for squirrel is that the attics identical procedure isn’t applied instead don’t use the technique in any respect.

Mostly individuals find yourself setting a entice at the most convenient place within the house leading to killing of various innocent animals round the neighborhood. for example if the entice is ready somewhere within the house wherever it's wholly exposed to the sun the animal can die owing to dehydration if not checked on time. Or entices close to the athletic facility would possibly drown as generally squirrel tries to push its solution of the trap. Thus knowledgeable keeps alert whereas setting the traps for all the higher than mentioned issues. So regular caparison can't be the answer for squirrel capture. Various style of traps to capture Squirrel
  • Live trap
  • Electrical Traps
  • Body hold entice

  • Live trap
    This kind of entice is usually utilized by individuals currently days to capture life as owner themselves will use it they don’t would like skilled for them. Models of those traps may be found during a massive selection in markets. These traps are Brobdingnagian cages created from metal cages during which a squirrel is lured to by totally different baits. The trip pan is found at the top of the cage. Once the squirrel enters it the door closes mechanically. A median raccoon entice is typically thirty 2 inches long and twelve inches high and wide. Such traps are on the market in massive hardware stores. Since they're simply on the market individuals find yourself mistreatment them themselves.

    Electric Traps
    If you've got had it with squirrels in your attic or squirrels that perpetually chew a hole through your construction screens or garage walls, you will be within the marketplace for electronic squirrel traps. These traps are just like the death chair for intruders. The traps are to be loaded with bait and placed right at the squirrels’ usual hang around. If this can be next to the bag of pet-food or pet food, leave a little of the food there in order that the squirrel can return to identical spot, however take away the remainder of the pet food to a different, safe location. Then place identical pet food into the entice while not turning it on. Hopefully, the squirrels can go within the entice to induce the food. Consecutive step along with your electrical squirrel entice is to show it on. The mechanism on the entice can allow you to grasp once the entice has delivered an electrical jolt to the animal within the entice. This can be your cue to choose up the entice and empty it of the animal. The entice is sweet to travel for one more kill as before long as you set it up once more. With any luck, you may be freed from pests at intervals a couple of days.

    Body hold entice
    One will decision those traps for big rats. Differing types of those are on the market within the market however ordinarily used one is double spring loaded enticed. Initially people want to use these traps. They set traps in the areas wherever they think squirrel might be around, for example open gaps or areas towards the attic or different places of the house. Since these traps tend to be dangerous few individuals currently a day’s use them.

    Different types of cages
    • Havahart is that the least costly cage for squirrel on the market within the market. Havahart 1079 is 10 inches wide and twelve inches high. It’s thirty 2 inches long. It’s sensible for squirrel agency weights twenty 5 lbs or less. Solely with massive squirrel one would face problems with this kind of cage.
    • Another style of entice found within the market could be a bit dearer. It’s a rear door that helps in cathartic a squirrel when capturing them. Since one outside door someday become dangerous for the inexperienced individuals. It conjointly features a carrying handle that any build it simple to shift it from one place to a different.
    • Lastly there's a entice that may be set for squirrel that tends to come back out from the roofs. Such traps may be used for baby squirrel too. Because it features a divider in it thus someday these babies work as bait for the squirrel or contrariwise.