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We operate a professional rodent removal company based out of San Antonio Texas. We specialize in the resolution of conflicts between people and rodents such as rats and muce. We specialize in residential and commercial rodent removal from buildings and attics. We remove live bat from homes, repair rat and mouse damage, perform full home inspections, and do 100% wildlife and rodent prevention work. It's very important to find and seal all entry holes leading into homes in order to provide a permanent solution to rat and mouse problems. We service both residential and commercial projects. Give us a call any time at 210-728-3470 and we will listen to you describe your rodent problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your Texas rodent issue.

Are Cage Traps a Good Option for Mice?

Trapping mice has become the most common method for dealing with rats and mice. There are many types of traps, but the most prevalent is cage traps. There are also many types of cage traps. There are those one-way exclusion funnel traps and also the type that locks after the mice have taken a bite of the bait. There are many functions of cage traps. These include:

1. Trapping to kill. This involves letting the trapped animals stay in the trap until it dies of hunger and thirst. It could also mean poisoning the mice while in the cage using poisoned bait.

2. Trapping to relocate: This involves taking the live rodents and moving it to another area away from your neighborhood.

3. Trapping to nurture. This involves capturing the mice and then taming them. This is a very rare occurrence, but there are people who prefer trapping and domesticating instead of spending a lot of money buying already domesticated mice.

All this methods involve baited traps. They all capture the mice when they are alive and in many cases, unharmed. However, are they the best option for San Antonio rodent extermination?

Caged traps are very easy to install and use. If you buy the readymade ones, those that just need baiting, and then all you have to do is to look for a suitable spot to place them and then leave the rest to nature. This makes them easier than other methods like using carbon dioxide traps.

Caged traps area very effective when capturing live mice. This means that you can catch the San Antonio mice without killing them and then choose what to do with them afterwards. However, when you want to keep the mice as pets, you may have to transfer them to another place after some few hours. When the rodents such as mice are confined in the solitary ‘cell’, they feel isolated and lonely. This can be heightened in cases where the mice are newly relocated to the area. The stress of adapting to the new environment adversely affects them psychologically. If you trap such mice and let them stay in a cage for too long, then they may die of isolation and stress.

Caged traps have a long life compared to other methods of trapping mice. For example, glue-board traps expire quickly as the glue loses its strength. Caged traps can only be affected by rust or mold due to rotting mice corpses or old bait. The caged traps rarely lose their quality even after years of trapping mice.

The reason why caged traps are considered to be the best method of trapping mice is because they can last long, they are very effective and also easy to use.