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San Antonio Fox Trapping

We operate a professional fox trapping and removal company based out of San Antonio Texas. We specialize in the resolution of conflicts between people and foxes. We specialize in residential and commercial fox control. Give us a call any time at 210-728-3470 and we will listen to you describe your fox problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your Texas fox issue.

Should You Poison Foxes?

Very many people think poisons are a good way of handling unwanted animals. Although poisoning may be effective if you want to kill the animal, there are some complications involved in the process. Here are some factors to consider before choosing poisons as a way to deal with foxes.

Is it legal in your area?
There have been several cases of people who have gotten into trouble due to poisoning animals. Although poisoning of small animals like foxes is not illegal in most places, there are some neighborhoods that have a very strict policy against the use of poisons to get rid of foxes and other animals. You should enquire about the legality of the endeavor before deciding to use poisons against foxes.

Your intentions
People capture or trap foxes for two main reasons. There are those who will trap to kill while others trap the animals to relocate them. If your intention is to kill the animal, then you can use poisoned baits against them. However, if you intend to keep the animal alive to be able to relocate it, then you have to ensure that you use baits that are not poisoned. There are many people who kill foxes and then they are left regretting their decision since they don’t know what to do with the corpse of the dead animal.

Can you get rid of the body?
There are very many people who cannot touch an animal’s corpse whether they have protective clothing or not. Such people kill animals then have to call for professionals to come and take care of the corpses. If you cannot handle an animal’s corpse, then the best thing is to chase away the foxes while they are alive, or to capture the live foxes and then relocate them.

The number of foxes in question
Ever wondered what you would do if you found fifty dead foxes under your shed? This is a question that people do not ask themselves before using poisons. Getting rid of one or two fox carcasses is not a problem. However, the case changes when you have too many dead animals. When you use a poison, you cannot control the number of foxes that will feed on the poison. This means that one fox may die, or very many foxes may feed on the poison and die. Before using poisons, you have to determine whether you are capable of getting rid of the dead foxes that may result regardless of their number.

As seen above, there are many problems that come with using poisons to get rid of foxes. Even professionals advice that you use other methods of getting rid of foxes apart from poisoning. Other alternative methods include the use of repellants and also the use of electric fences. You can also visit the San Antonio wildlife control home page.