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San Antonio Bat Removal

We operate a professional bat removal company based out of San Antonio Texas. We specialize in the resolution of conflicts between people and bat. We specialize in residential and commercial bat colony removal from buildings and attics. We remove live bat from homes, repair bat damage, perform full home inspections, and do 100% wildlife and bat prevention work. It's very important to find and seal all entry holes leading into homes in order to provide a permanent solution to bat problems. We service both residential and commercial projects. Give us a call any time at 210-728-3470 and we will listen to you describe your bat problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your bat issue.

Poorly Written Info About Trapping Bats

Please give us a call, and we can describe our method for removing bats from your home. The below text is garbage that a bad writer wrote for me. I publish it because it's laughably bad. You can also visit the home page.

Bats are one problem that one needs to get rid of it and they need a professional help for it. As capturing bats is the most difficult thing. Bats are a wildlife one especially won’t like having around as not only it makes the place stink but also causes incurable diseases such as cancer. This happens when one tries to use repellents that have a toxic nature. Moreover, bats breed throughout the year so in very less time they end up doubling their population. Because of this before one starts eradicating bats from the house one should make sure that there are no baby bats residing there. In order to get rid of bats people end up trying to kill them, or use repellents whether homemade or ones available in the stores. Furthermore, one can also trap bats. But in order to trap them one can select any following the four steps that are appended below.

Step 1
One can use butterfly net to trap them. Using this technique is very difficult as catching a flying bat would be quiet difficult for the person. So individual has to wait till the bat settles down and then throw the net on it. Make sure that the fragile bat is not crushed under the net and net top is properly closed. After capturing the bat take it outside and release the bat. One might think of using fishing net for this purpose but since bats have the capacity to squeeze into very small places they might pass right through the net. So using fishing net in order to capture bats would not be a good option for a person. Furthermore, bats reside in colonies trapping bats one by one would not be a good option. It would take a lot time and effort to pull the stunt. And one also needs to be an expert in this.

Step 2
A jar bucket or a Tupperware can also be used for trapping a bat. Close the drops properly and all the exits. Than make the bat flies as long as possible. When the bat gets exhausted and ends up settling down use the Tupperware over the place where bat is settle. It might be the wall or the floor. After putting it on the wildlife slide a paper between the Tupperware and the wall or the floor. Thus you have the bat well trapped in the container. Now take the bat outside the house and release it far away from the place where you captured it.

Step 3
One can throw a blanket on the flying bat thus capturing it in the blanket. The drape the cloth properly over bat, bunch it and take it outside the house. Since bats are fragile make sure one doesn’t hurt them. Release them far away from the house. This technique also has the same issue the as above two have that is, it takes a lot of time and effort to capture them. Secondly one needs a lot of practice to use this technique. Capturing a bat in a blanket is not an easy task.

Step 4
One can also remove it with hands but the problem with that is that bats might end up biting ones hand. So to prevent this one can wear gloves in order to defend oneself against the bats that are residing in the house. Moreover, this style would be quiet difficult since bats reside in forms of groups or colonies catching each one with hand is going to be very difficult and then removing them would be totally another story.

Step 5
One can also set up one way device trap. When the bats leave the place at night to go for their food hunt observe them from where they are exiting or entering the residing area first. When at night when the bats leave the area to look for food put the net at the entrance of the bats. Make sure you have installed nets on every gap so that if the bats come back at dawn they are unable to enter and will end up residing the near found site. Set a trap for bats in such a way near the house that they think it is a dark dam place instead of a trap and end up residing there themselves. Once the bats are removed use mesh to block all the entries properly. Now take the bats which are trapped in that cage faraway from the house and release them. Regardless of the above mentioned technique when it comes to bat removal one should seriously consider professional for this job instead of trying on their own. Because trapping and removal of this wildlife is even considered by professional to be the most difficult task.