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San Antonio Armadillo Removal

We operate a professional armadillo removal company based out of San Antonio Texas. We specialize in the resolution of conflicts between people and armadillos. We specialize in residential and commercial armadillo trapping. Give us a call any time at 210-728-3470 and we will listen to you describe your San Antonio armadillo problem, and schedule an appointment to solve your armadillo issue.

Please give us a call, and we can describe our method for removing armadillos from your home. You can also visit the San Antonio wildlife control home page. How to get armadillos out from under a shed or porch

Repellents, fumigants and toxicants will not help get rid of armadillos under the shed or porch because of several reasons. This being the case, you have to use the most effective techniques to get rid of armadillos under the shed or porch. Preventing armadillos from invading your shed and porch:

Using insecticides
One way of preventing armadillos from getting into your yard is to get rid of their sources of food; by using insecticides, you will be able to prevent armadillos from digging and burrowing your yard in search of food.

Using exclusion fences
Exclusion fences will also prevent armadillos from getting into your property; a portion of the fence has to be buried under the ground to make the barrier more effective by disallowing the armadillos from digging under them. You also have to ensure that the fence is slanted outward at a certain angle which makes it more difficult for the animals to have access into your yard.

How to completely get rid of armadillos
The only effective method that will completely get rid of armadillos is trapping and removal; the secret behind easy trapping is to ensure that you understand their character traits:
  • Armadillos are nocturnal animals
  • They usually live in burrows that they build under the ground where there are sheds and porches
  • They will always dig in the soil to search for food
  • They are known to dig a number of burrows
  • Their eye sight is very poor
  • They commonly bump into most obstacles
With this in mind, you can trap these animals without any difficulties; the next thing is to know the type of trap that can carry out the function more effectively. You can use a raccoon sized or a live cage trap because they yield the best results. Armadillo bait; it is a challenging task because armadillos are known to feed on food that they have dug up themselves but there are different options that you can use; the most effective bait is a lure from another armadillo, therefore an already used armadillo trap is the best bait, you can also use a mound of soil at the entrance of the trap to lure the armadillo towards it. Where to set the traps: armadillos make several burrows hence you have to find the best placement location. Placing the trap at its main burrow makes it easier to trap armadillo though you can also set the trap in the pathways of other burrows. You have to ensure that the trap firmly set on the ground so that it cannot topple over; you also have to frequently check on the trap and free the armadillo away from your home once it is trapped.